About Us

"Design Avenue" has been founded in 2006 and with its revolutionary new products and
services, that enable people to discover new look and possibilities, "Design Avenue" turned into
one of the leaders in its field.

The company has several directions: ceramics, sanitary ware, doors, parquet, kitchens,
lightening, furniture and at the same time it performances design studio, staffed with well skilled
workers and designers, trained in Italy, Germany and Austria, as the company colaborates with
many European companies.

Design Avenue offers the whole cycle of service to final complete project as for single
apartments, also for villas, residences, hotels, restaurants etc... We use only high quality products
provided by our partner companies and it gives us possibility to be always in leading role. We
already have a great confidence of our customers and partners, so consider our advice and don't

make any decision without visiting us.